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Global Vision Corner
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Mr. Monrico
La Mont Brown
All Students
(with Graduate)
OCT 06 to
DEC 22, 2021
12:20-2:00 PM
Wenhui (J)
Room J310
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This course is meant to introduce various topics of current relevance to students and provide opportunities to share experiences and practice language skills. Our experiences are varied and often invisible to those around us. As such, these discussions will provide a gateway for us to engage in the daily lives of each other while sharing similarities and differences in thinking and behavior within those discussions. Through these discussions, it is hoped that new understandings will be entertained, boundaries broken and a new freedom to share and learn about those around you will be opened.

  • Global Vision Corner is a pass/fail course. Please note that graduate students can sign up for this course but will not get the credits. Undergraduate students who would like to waive credits with this course must confirm that his/her department acknowledges the credits of the course before signing up for this class.

    1. This course is a pass/fail course. Students must attend the class for at least 18 hours per semester (at least 18 hours of attendance for each semester.) Credits will only be recognized when students fulfill the abovementioned requirement and will be issued in the following semester.
    2. The credits of the course must be acknowledged by the designated department. Please confirm if the credits can be acknowledged or not before signing up for the class. Students cannot drop out after the class begins.
    3. The session will be on every Wednesday from 12:20 to 14:00, and the class will last for 11 weeks, which is 22 hours in total per semester. The instructor will roll call whenever in class. The credits cannot be counted as valid once a student is absent from class for 3 times or more regardless of the reasons of absence.